Breathe in, breathe out

About us

Have you heard of the Paris Agreement? So have we. And our mission is to contribute significantly to reach the goals set in that agreement, by providing technology and services that provide healthy indoor air for energy neutral buildings.

When our climate system was introduced in 2016 at the international Passive House exhibition in Darmstadt, Fresh-r made all other MVHRs look like dinosaurs, ready to go extinct. The combination of woven copper and 3D printing had never been seen in the world. The combination of ease of installation and predictive maintenance had never been seen the installation business. And the combination of decentral ventilation with central extraction had never been seen in the MVHR industry. And now we are looking to combine our innovation with other health-tech and energy pioneers. 

With the help of the Dutch government and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology we are now co-creating business models that are ready for the Circular Economy.